Scholarship Program

The scholarship program provides funds to assist students from El Barril in attaining a high school education. There is no high school in the community, and so students must go to Guerrero Negro or another nearby city to continue their studies. The costs associated with living away from home, in addition to tuition fees, can be overwhelming for families in the community who largely depend on the volatile fishing industry for income. Currently, five scholarships of $600 each are awarded on a yearly basis.

The scholarship program was initiated in 2008 and recipients are chosen based on merit and financial need. Baja Project consultants take into account the applicant’s grades, attendance rate, career goals, and demonstrated commitment to school when choosing scholarship recipients. Applicants are then assessed based on financial need. Several past scholarship recipients have expressed their gratitude for the scholarship program, and have confirmed that the funds have given them opportunity to graduate from high school and move on to higher education.