Community Garden

A community garden offers many potential merits in terms of education, health, community building, and economic development in El Barril. However, the community garden project has both flourished and languished during the period in which Baja Project consultants have worked in the community. For a period, the community garden thrived in a site just outside of El Barril near Rancho El Barril. With some funding supplied by Mr. Jameson, Baja Project and community members installed a 2500L water storage tank and built an irrigation system to provide a steady source of water to the garden. The garden was tended to by community members for a number of seasons.

However, some community members felt that the location was too far and the land is now fallow.  Moving the community garden closer to the school has been proposed to the local ejido and is awaiting formal approval.  In the meantime, several families have begun cultivating fruits and vegetables on their property.  Additionally, in spring 2014, community member Don Tonio was provided funding for tools and seeds by Mr. Jameson to begin planting a nursery on his land.  He intends to grow plants which he will then provide to others within El Barril.  Baja Project consultants hope to facilitate a renewed commitment to the community garden by offering diverse incentives and educational activities for community schoolchildren.